Best playground – Photographer makes childrens dreams come true!

PIC BY Jan von Holleben/ Caters News 

It looks like the Magic Roundabout has come to life!

These children were given the chance to have their dreams come true in ‘the best playground‘.

The pictures show a large group of children, whose lives are affected by life limiting conditions, taking part in sports and activities they can only dream of.

Some of the children appear to be flying through the air with elaborate wings, while others ride bikes, play musical instruments or balance precariously on towers and unicycles.

One young boy is even transformed into a dinosaur using nothing more than flippers, cones, scissors and two cricket bats.

The photos were taken by German photographer Jan von Holleben, who set up a full photographic studio for the kids to experience.

PIC BY Jan von Holleben/ Caters News 

The 39-year-old said: “Working in a place that brings children with all sorts of life limiting conditions together, you can feel an incredible amount of dreams floating around.

“I spent a long time talking to the children and their families, discussing their individual – sadly impossible – visions of bouncing, flying and cheering.

“Following the discussion, we were able to create a series of magical images that would eventually assemble to create a huge fairy tale playground – the best playground for all the Demelza children.”

PIC BY Jan von Holleben/ Caters News 

The large 1.75m x 1.15m montage of the children now hangs in the reception area at Demelza House, the headquarters of Demelza Hospice Care for Children.

The centre in Bobbing, Kent, opened its new reception area  on February 10 with many of the children and their families present.

Demelza chief executive Ryan Campbell said: “The new area, with this wonderful picture donated by Jan, is now vibrant and exciting and much more in tune with Demelza’s work in the 21st century.

PIC BY Jan von Holleben/ Caters News 

“We have knocked down some walls and put in electric doors that our children in wheelchairs can open themselves, as well as re-flooring and re-furnishing the reception area which has barely changed since the hospice opened in 1998.”

Demelza Hospice Care for Children supports 500 families across South East England with life limiting illnesses.

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