Pebble Picasso! Father and son bonding behind beach art!

Pic By Stefano Furlani/Caters News 

A father and son have turned a pastime of hunting for funny shaped pebbles on the beach into an art form.

Stefano Furlani, 43, and his young son David love to hunt on the beaches of the Adriatic coast near his home in Fano, Italy.

But soon they started to piece the funny shaped pebbles together and the results were amazing.

They have now created brilliant portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Pink Panther, King Kong, Snoopy, Elvis Presley, Sharon Stone and a magnificent owl.

Pic By Stefano Furlani/Caters News 

He even presented a specially created version of Gianluigi Buffon to the Italian goalkeeper.

Stefano said: “To be born and to grow up in Fano means to live closely with the sea and its stony and sandy shores.

“Since I was a boy, one of the most amusing games at the beach has been looking for unusual shapes which look similar to something or someone.

“As a father, tied to the traditions passed down to me, I wanted to share this exciting passion to my son David, when he was just three.

Pic By Stefano Furlani/Caters News 

“He quickly became fascinated by what nature can give when matched with the right amount of imagination.

“He did his best and found exceptionally good results, bringing over stones with particularly strange geometry.

“I was really impressed and thought we could be doing more with the pebbles he found.

Pic By Stefano Furlani/Caters News 

“By placing them on the table under the umbrella, we began to create compositions of various kinds, each day they became more and more elaborate and detailed.

“Reluctantly after being immortalised in a photo, they were destroyed at sunset.

“I started to regret losing the small works of art which led me to the idea of gluing them onto a wooden base, making them real and permanent paintings.”

Pic By Stefano Furlani/Caters News