Band transforms broken grand piano to create 20-piece mini orchestra

This forward-thinking band found a way to maximise the sounds of an orchestra without actually hiring one – as they successful packed 20 playable instruments into a broken grand piano.

The mini orchestra was created by Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes for their recently-release track, ‘Houston’.


Included in the grand piano’s collection of instruments were the likes of a cello, violin, drums and an organ.

The band consists of Andrew Kovaliov, Roman Sobol, Dmytro Leonov and Ievgen Kobzaruk, and the idea for this project came about a couple of years ago, when the group discovered a 19th Century grand piano in a small town in Western Ukraine.

Andrew Kovaliov, the singer of the band who features in the video with Roman, said: “Creating this instrument was a bit of challenge for us.


“We didn’t have an exact design in the beginning, just some abstract ideas I came up with earlier.  

“It was difficult to predict the way everything would go, so the design went little by little, being altered as we were finding new instruments to incorporate into the piano. 

“The best thing about this vintage piano was the body construction.

“None of us knew much about the difference between the old and new models so it was simply a matter of luck that we stumbled upon this one.”


The song itself received positive feedback in the band’s native Ukraine, the said, and they have even been considered for a Eurovision nomination.

Describing ‘Houston’, Andrew said: “I originally wanted it to sound like a normal song which could be played by anybody else on the piano.

“As most pop songs, this one is about love, relationship and everything surrounding it.

“Sometimes you need to stop and go a little backwards to start everything over and make things better.”