Artist Spends 40 Days Painting Spiderman Comics On Backs Of Dead Tarantulas In Tribute To Stan Lee

An artist has spent 40 DAYS painting spiderman comic scenes onto the backs of dead tarantulas in tribute to the late Stan Lee.

After the passing of comic book legend Stan Lee, fine art artist Cristiam Ramos, 39, decided to look into a unique way to pay tribute to the great.


Once he acquired ten preserved Indonesian and Thai tarantulas from a taxidermist, the artist, from Orlando, Florida, started to paint Spiderman vs Villain scenes on the backs of the bugs.

Using oil and acrylic paint, the unique masterpieces took four days each to complete – however Cristiam believes it was worth it to have such an ‘original and memorable’ tribute to the writer.

Alongside painting the superhero with villains such as Venom, Dr. Octopus and Sandman, the artist also dedicated one of the tarantulas to a portrait of Stan Lee.

Cristiam said: “Spiderman is the series that best represents Stan Lee and what better to paint this superhero and his creator together on the tarantulas.

“I think it is very original, memorable and never before seen.


“People who have seen the collection have been very surprised – especially children and fans of comics – it seems incredible and fantastic to admire the tarantulas and the comics together.

“Each painting on the tarantula takes me around four days since it is a very delicate work and over a very small space, but it was worth it to see the end result.”

Knowing that he wanted to do something to commemorate the life of Stan Lee, Cristiam brainstormed the most unique ways to do so and came up with the idea of using spiders to personify the iconic comic.

He said: “I have always been characterised by using unusual materials to make my art, such as wings of real butterflies, toothpaste, sweets among others.


“I was looking to do something very special as a tribute to the late Stan Lee and I wanted to do it in a way that reminded people of him and his creations – and what better than one of his most memorable superheroes.

“The comics marked my childhood and I think the childhood of several generations since they made us imagine and dream of having superpowers, change our world to a better one and help other people.

“And that dream did not disappear in me and this led me to become an artist, but an artist different from the others, although not with superpowers but with special abilities.

“So I got the tarantulas and painted on them scenes of the comic of Spiderman fighting with some of their super villains better known as: Venom, Dr. Octopus Green goblin, Carnage, Mysterio, Electro, Lizard, Sandman, Rhino and Vulture.

“I intend to change the way in which the world sees art and help people to awaken their creativity and think outside the box and brighten their hearts through art.”