Artist creates life-size Darth Vader helmet using 1000 gummy bears

An artist has created a life-size Darth Vader helmet – using more than 1,000 GUMMY BEARS.

Darth Vader gummy bear masks

The red and yellow Darth Vader helmet made out of 1000 gummy bears

The creative Star Wars fan – who goes by his artist nickname Crummy Gummy – spent 65 HOURS painstakingly placing the sweets together.

Darth Vader gummy bear masks

The impressive piece of artwork took a whopping 65 hours to make

He first created a wearable but heavy Gladiator helmet over a year ago and decided to move to Star Wars when the new film was announced.

Darth Vader gummy bear masks

The artist, known as crummy gummy, has also created a gummy bear replica from the film, Gladiator

The artist, from Orlando in Florida, USA, coats his creations in polyurethane – a polymer to protect them and ensure they last while they go on display in galleries across America.

Darth Vader gummy bear masks

The front of the incredible gladiator come gummy bear helmet

He said: “I’m a huge Star Wars fan and when the new movie was announced I wanted to create something Star Wars-related.

“Darth Gummy took about 65 man hours in a month’s time to create.

“It was also created to be displayed at the Wyn317 gallery in Miami during Art Basel last month.

“Each individual bear is coated with polyurethane. This way the gummy bears are protected, don’t attract insects and last a very long time.

“The gummy Gladiator looks great and I still display it at gallery shows – I just don’t put it by direct sunlight as no good comes from that.

“I only used the red and orange ones; I had to properly dispose of the other colours by eating them.”