Artist creates increidble portraits – out of nothing but toothpaste

AN artist has immortalised celebrities iconic portraits using nothing but TOOTHPASTE.

Quirky Cristiam Ramos has crafted the paintings of Robin Williams, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, Lady GaGa and Sir Elton John with the household item.

Each one takes him up to 200 hours to produce – getting through up to 30 tubes a portrait.

Toothpaste Artist

A portrait of Robin Williams created using just toothpaste

Cristiam, original from Mexico, but now living in Orlando, Florida, said: “It is very difficult to make these as the toothpaste becomes very sticky and dries quickly.

“The smell can also be quite overwhelming, which was challenging during the long days of up to 10 hours painting.”

Toothpaste Artist

Portrait of pop star Lady Gaga created using toothpaste

Cristiam, who started painting aged just five, has produced a host of unusual artworks during his career including ones made from sweets and recycled cans.

He added: “Depending on the size of the artwork, I will use anywhere between 20 and 30 tubes of toothpaste.

“I begin by finger painting the first layer and then let it dry.

Toothpaste Artist

Cristiam applies the toothpaste using his fingers

“Then I throw on the next layer to begin giving it the tones required as toothpaste can almost be transparent.

“I keep applying coats until I get the tone I want, sometimes I have to use brushes to the smallest details.”

The most recent portrait – of comedy legend Robin Williams, who passed away last month – is now set to be auctioned for charity, with the money raised used to support those suffering from depression.

Toothpaste Artist

Miley Cyrus’ portait created using just toothpaste

Talking of his inspiration for the tribute piece, Cristiam said: “I thought it would be the best way to honour a man who gave his life to make us laugh.

“That’s why I wanted to do the works in toothpaste as this is associated with your best smile, and that was what he gave us – laughter and smiles.”

The rest of the celebrity artworks are set to her exhibited in different galleries across Florida, Hollywood and New York.