Artist Creates Bizarre Self-portrait Series By Sticking The Likes Of Food, Rubbish And Everyday Objects To His Face

This one-of-a-kind photography performance project has seen an artists’ alter ego create a series of surreal and wild self-portraits – where everyday objects are stuck all over his face.

The absurd works of David Henry Nobody Jr. feature face attachments ranging from ice creams and toothbrushes to hamburger meat and even pictures of Donald Trump.


PIC BY DAVIDHENRYNOBODYJR / CATERS – (Pictured: Peanut Butter and Jelly is my Jam)

Not stopping with those additions, David Nobody – the creation of artist David Henry Brown Jr. – has even included peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and plastic toys in his face shots.

To date, David estimates he has taken around 700 self-portraits in this style since starting the project in 2014.

David, who is based in New York but originally from Philadelphia, said: “I have a history of working in character – much like a writer would write in character.

“I morph my identity into the things around me.

PIC BY DAVIDHENRYNOBODYJR / CATERS – (Pictured: Meatballs and Mash)

PIC BY DAVIDHENRYNOBODYJR / CATERS – (Pictured: Schitzo Salad Man)

“I’m definitely not afraid to be cheesy and enjoy using humour.”

The name David Nobody is not tied to having low self-esteem, David said, but simply the fact that his alter ego has literally no body in the images he produces.

Each work, the artist added, usually flows into another, and previously David would create, on average, one shot a day.

Today, however, David can spend up to 24 hours on each work, meaning his images are more complex and less frequent.

The series is aimed at being a take on consumerist society, with David Nobody collecting the “detritus” that surrounds people as part of his facial designs.

PIC BY DAVIDHENRYNOBODYJR / CATERS – (Pictured: The Reptilian Mind)

PIC BY DAVIDHENRYNOBODYJR / CATERS – (Pictured: Coming Apart At The Seems so It Seams)

The real David sources these objects from a variety of places: Craigslist, items friends and fans send him, local charity shops and dumpsters, dollar stores.

As well as his popular images, David Nobody has also received a large deal of attention online through the viral videos he creates.

These can range from pouring milk into a clear bag of Corn Flakes that covers David’s face to rotating toys spinning around Nobody’s head.

Going forward, the artist plans to continue adding to the series, which he hopes will inspire people be creative and not become too great of a consumer of mainstream society.

David said: “I get a lot of positive responses – some negative.

“I think for a lot of people, we live in a more cookie cutter reality, and this work shows young people they don’t have to follow that.”