Artist creates amazing real-life sculpture in tribute to music legend Micheal Jackson

An artist has created a life-sized sculpture of his idol and music legend Micael Jackson decorated with some famous faces.

Cristiam Ramos, 38, from Orlando, Florida, was inspired to create the sculpture, made from Clay, after the anniversary of the singer’s death on, June 25, and wanted to do something special to remember his amazing career.

The piece of art is decorated with the faces of other famous singers and performers, including Elton John, George Michael and Justin Bieber.

Cristiam said: “Since I was a child I was always a fan of Michael Jackson and now as an adult I still admire him. He will always be remembered for generations.

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“It took me four months to create the sculpture, working on it for 10 hours a day.

“The main sculpture is made of sculpting clay and the portraits that are over it are all painted with oil and acrylic paint.

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“The unusual and amazing about this piece is that in one single sculpture display, there are more than 40 portraits and is one of a kind.”

This sculpture will eventually be sold but will first go on display for a month at the world’s largest Hard Rock Cafe, in Orlando, for that thousands of people can enjoy.

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He said: “I’m now planning to make several sculptures in this style.

“I want to make sculptures of different music icons like Elvis Presley, also sports icons like Michael Jordan and soccer player Pelé and Maradona and even some movie stars.”