Artist creates amazing animal art of rock faces

An artist is creating amazing animal artwork on a very unusual natural canvas – rock faces!

The striking artwork shows animals, such as elephants and sharks, painted onto rock faces along the coastline, in Goa, and were created by artist, Jimmy Swift.

Jimmy, who currently lives in Los Angeles, said: “I have always believed in respecting mother nature and not destroying it with art that doesn’t belong.

“The Elephant and Shark seemed to fit in with the surroundings so I didn’t feel like I was doing anything harmful.

“I was walking down the beach and I noticed the huge rock that I painted the elephant on, and I actually could already see the elephant was there.

“You can see from the before and after photo that I attached. Once I painted the elephant and the locals showed that they loved it and wanted more, I then saw the rock shark.

Unfortunately, these amazing designs won’t lat and after six months of wind and rain, they fade from the rock face.

Pics from Caters News

Jimmy said: “Due to the sun, rain and harsh weather that the beach gets the paint faded away about 6 months later.

“I went back to Goa about a year later and repainted it.

“I tried to be as environmentally friendly as I could so I used a water-based spray paint that is less harmful, but unfortunately it also doesn’t last as long.”