Artist amazingly paints loved up couples into the background with unbelievable accuracy!

Pic by Orly Faya/Caters News

These remarkably romantic photos of couples covered in bodypaint show them perfectly ‘at one’ with nature.

Orly Faya travels all over the world with her case of brushes and paints, merging people into their surroundings.

Orly finds the most beautiful nature spots around before sensually painting couples, offering an intense and loving experience bringing romance right down to earth.

Orly said: “I love nature and I love the human form, and merging these elements is a kind of alchemy that causes people to reconnect to their true nature.

Pic by Orly Faya/Caters News

“I offer couples these sessions as a unique opportunity to take their love out into the world, to experience their true nature within natural settings and to realise the deep connection we have to our planet.

“Being painted into the earth is a very different experience of intimacy, and to feel ‘held’ by the nature is a beautiful and powerful thing.”

Orly has been camouflaging couples for four years and says each session is completely unique.

A merge session takes at least three days which includes choosing a location, the ceremony, production, post-production picnic, final editing and file supply.

 Pic by Orly Faya/Caters News

Orly said: “These works were created all over the world with different couples for different reasons, ranging from newlyweds to partners that had been through thick and thin.

“When couples experience this together, they can tap into the story that there is something bigger looking after the both of them.

“Together we dive into trust and vulnerability, flow and focus, and immerse ourselves inside an intentional experience of becoming one with one another and the earth itself.

“Ironically my Merging passion was born right after a painful break up, when World Wildlife Fund commissioned me to create a camouflage installation of a woman merged with sea turtles.

“After that first experience I became fascinated by mimetism or mimicking illusions and began painting people into everything.

 Pic by Orly Faya/Caters News

“One day I saw a stunning perspective in a beautiful landscape and wondered about the possibility of painting someone right into the earth itself.

“The meaning of such an act was huge for me, as someone who enquires deep into human existence, and therefore cares deeply about our inherent connection to the earth.”

Lex, 45 and Corina, 43, from Sydney who have been married for six years are one of the many couples who have been merged into nature at the stroke of Orly Faya’s brush. They said: “For us, it was about honouring Mother Earth as without her we have nothing.

Pic by Orly Faya/Caters News

“It was an opportunity to be able to feel connected embracing her love and our love combined together embedded in country.”

Vince and Maja, both 36, from Sydney, Australia, went to be painted a year into their marriage, they said: “Orly Faya painted us into a stunning mountain landscape a week before our wedding.

“We have many happy memories of peaceful times in the bush here, and so this merging was a special way for us to capture our love for each other and for the land, and transform it into something beautiful that reminds us of all those times.”