Are they bricking it yet? Royal wedding scene created from Lego (and even baby louis makes an appearance

A couple of Lego super fans have created a picture-perfect version of the Royal Wedding in LEGO – to keep their princess-obsessed daughters happy.

Nick and Caroline Savage have made a business out of personalising Lego mini figures.

Pic by Minifigs/Caters News

But they decided to turn their talents to creating a Lego version of the Royal big day, so their two daughters, Indiana, four and River, two, could enjoy the big day in their own home.

The scene – set up against a Lego copy of Windsor Castle – show a beaming Prince Harry, in full military uniform, with his blushing bride – who the pair have imagined may wear an over-sized tiara.

Pic by Minifigs/Caters News

Best man Wills is on standby, with new mum Kate – who is clutching little Prince Louis.

And the royal entourage are flanked by pageboy and bridesmaid Prince George and Princess Charlotte, while Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Queen look on proudly.

Pic by Minifigs/Caters News

Prince Philip, on the other hand, looks slightly less pleased to be in attendance.

Nick, who has been making Lego figures for almost a decade, said: “We’re super excited about the royal wedding in our household.

Pic by Minifigs/Caters News

“Our girls love princesses and our four-year-old in particular is just blown away by the fact that there’s going to be a new princess!

“They’ve been making us show them dozens of photos, so we thought this would be a fun thing to do for them.”

The characters have gone down so well with friends and family that the couple has now decided to produce copies of the wedding figures for other families to be able to buy.