Candy California: You won’t believe these amazing psychedelic photos of iconic palm springs are completely untouched

They might look like they were photoshopped into a candy-coated wonderland, but these photographs of California are actually completely untouched. Instead, Melbourne photographer Kate Ballis’ stunning images of the ico... read more>>

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Talent designer creates stunning gowns using natural materials

This talented designer has shown that you don't need all the amenities of the western world to make stunning dresses. Suchanatda Kaewsa-nga's incredible works are created using natural and recycle materials - often coming from the trash in her native Thailand. They include dresses made from the likes of wheat, bamboo, leaves and grass - all given the professiona... read more>>

The ultimate Beach Body

These girls definitely have the perfect beach bodies. These three beach bums can be seen getting camouflaged against the ocean on a Southern California... read more>>