Art and science explode in stunning brain artwork

These stunning images showcase the incredible complexity of the human brain through an explosive fusion of art and science. The most elaborate artistic visualisation of the brain in the world, the work highlights what is ... read more>>

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Fragile futures - Beautiful cut-outs of worlds most endangered species

These are some of the world's most endangered species – beautifully captured in delicate paper. The beautiful cut-outs of the world's most endangered species perfectly capture the fragile futures these animals face. The intricate artworks, which take 10-15 days each to create, are intended to raise awareness of species that are dying out. The designs are m... read more>>

Pebble Picasso! Father and son bonding behind beach art!

A father and son have turned a pastime of hunting for funny shaped pebbles on the beach into an art form. Stefano Furlani, 43, and his young son David love to hunt on the beaches of the Adriatic coast near his home in Fano, Italy. But soon they started to piece the funny shaped pebbles together and the results were amazing. They have now created brilliant por... read more>>