Art and science explode in stunning brain artwork

These stunning images showcase the incredible complexity of the human brain through an explosive fusion of art and science. The most elaborate artistic visualisation of the brain in the world, the work highlights what is ... read more>>

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Dizzy artworks uses oil,paint and soap to create otherworldly movement

  This dizzying video and accompanying images use oil, soap and paint in order to create movements that feel otherworldly, psychedelically bursting from their surroundings. Shot in extremely high resolution and at close range, the vibrant colours glide across the screen in director Thomas Blanchard's "Galaxy Gates" creation. What's even more stunning is... read more>>

The ultimate Beach Body

These girls definitely have the perfect beach bodies. These three beach bums can be seen getting camouflaged against the ocean on a Southern California... read more>>

Seeing double! Artists transform people into the spitting image of their icons

A trio of artists can transform you into the spitting image of your biggest icons. Using a clever combination of make-up and design, the collaborators have recreated Audrey Hepburn, The Joker and Charlie Chaplin's finest hours with a model just like you. It is part of an on-going project where the trio take iconic photos and bring them back to life. Fashi... read more>>