Incredible content from Ardea
Incredible content from Ardea


Caters News in partnership with Ardea. Working together to secure global editorial coverage for some of the world's most spectacular wildlife photography.

Ardea is one of the most highly respected specialist independent nature agencies in the UK, representing over 160 photographers from every corner of the globe.

The comprehensive collection of wildlife, geographical, environmental and domestic pet images offers constantly updated coverage of rare and wonderful subjects, as well as quirky feature ideas and stand alone images to catch the eye of your readers.

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Polar Bear Sunset

They're usually pictured against a bright white backdrop but this family of polar bears where bathed in a vibrant reds, yellows and oranges as they watched a glorious sunset in Alaska. The stunning shots capture the moment a female bear and her two cubs enjoyed the last warm rays of the sun at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Kaktovik. The bears can be seen gazing... read more>>

Pink Dolphin

These are the incredible images of an extremely rare PINK dolphin making a splash in Brazil. The pretty in pink creature, which usually hides deep in the Rio Negr... read more>>

Sand Boarding Dunes

You might expect pictures taken in the middle of the desert to look a little grainy but these stunning shots capture the exhilarating sport of sandboarding in per... read more>>

Laughing Animals

These comical creatures are clearly up FUR a laugh in these sidesplitting images which show a variety of ecstatic animals enjoying a good old chuckle. The hilario... read more>>

Cheeky Squirrel Gets Stuck

This squirrel was left going NUTS after breaking its way into a rodent-proof bird feeder and getting well and truly STUCK. The cheeky creature wriggled its way in... read more>>

Rare Silver Fox

They are extremely rare and legend has it they bring misfortune to those who see them but as these enchanting images show, one photographer couldn't believe his l... read more>>

Earth's Landscape Phenomenon

From the vivid colours of a beautiful hot spring to a random rock formation that looks just like an elephant - these are the extraordinary phenomenons of the natu... read more>>

Butterfly On Caiman's Nose

They should have been in a flap but these brave butterflies looked completely calm as they took a risky rest on the snout of a sharp-toothed caiman. The ferocious... read more>>

Chameleon Eats Grasshopper

This is one rapid reptile who has got it licked - catching lunch at impressive lightning speed. The cunning chameleon gobbled up a grasshopper in a split-second m... read more>>

Genius Behind Jaws Film Dies

These are the iconic images taken by the late Ron Taylor, who pioneered underwater filming and shot footage for the hit Spielberg movie Jaws. The shark expert died at a hospital in Sydney on Sunday (September 9) aged 78, after a battle with myeloid leukaemia. Along with his wife Valerie, Ron spent years filming great white sharks and was reportedly bitten on several occ... read more>>

World's Best Dancing Animals

These hilarious snapshots prove it's not just us humans who know how to bust a move on the dancefloor - with the most agile of the animal kingdom only too keen to... read more>>

Marmot Camera Man

This is the hilarious moment a mischievous marmot had a taste of life on the other side of the lens. Tired of being photographed, the cute creature - popular with... read more>>

Hunting Whales

This is the dramatic moment a pod of gigantic whales dwarfed a boat as they hunted in perfect unison. The synchronised swimmers had a whale of a time as they were... read more>>

Prairie Dogs Kiss

Prairie dogs might be known for their public displays of affection but as this series of charming pictures show, love isn't always easy even in the animal kingdom... read more>>