You’ve got to be swayze! Frogs attempt iconic dirty dancing lift.. But fail miserably!

PIC BY Keith Connelly/ Caters News 

These froggy friends appeared to be having ‘the time of their life’ before an attempt at the iconic Dirty Dancing lift went hilariously wrong.

The ambitious amphibians were pictured trying out the impressive stunt at a waterhole in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana.

In the hilarious images, taken by photographer, Keith Connelly, the pair can be seen striking the pose before falling rather ungraciously into the water.

PIC BY Keith Connelly/ Caters News 

The 37-year-old from South Africa said: “During especially wet years giant bullfrogs, once reaching maturity, complete aggressively and somewhat comically, for both space and mates in all of the large puddles and waterholes of the Kalahari.

“These two had moved close to each other and they began facing off with quick rushes at each other.

“The winner of the bout was eventually able to lift his competitor out of the water using his bony chest protrusion and throwing him spectacularly into the air and head over tail.

“There was defiantly a WWE air about the whole disagreement, the only thing missing was the bad hair and costumes.

PIC BY Keith Connelly/ Caters News 

“The winners moves were pretty effective and would have without doubt won him a belt.

“I have seen this species fight before as the space and mating rights become a great deal harder to achieve the later in the season it gets.

“These frogs are particularly aggressive and will often display aggression to dogs and other animals.”