You’re the wrong nay-bourhood! Incredible photos show brutal horse fight

By Kristiana Hall

These incredible photos show Utah, USA is apparently a dangerous place to be – if you’re a horse.

The brutal images reveal a white stallion and his chestnut rival rearing up on their hind legs as they go tooth and hoof to win their battle.

FROM Samantha Couper/Caters News

Grabbing the chestnut horse by his mane, the white stead isn’t ready to give up and the pair can be seen biting and lashing out with their front legs.

Samantha Couper, 28, a geophysicist, said she was intrigued by the photos she captured.

She said: “What was the history of these two stallions?

FROM Samantha Couper/Caters News

“Was this their first fight?

“If not, did their interactions begin as play whhen they were foals and develop as they matured?

“You can even see missing patches of fur and red skin on the chestnut stallion in a few photos.

“It was aggressive to say the least.”

FROM Samantha Couper/Caters News