You’re making me bear-y angry: Brawling bears spotted scrapping over fish

These fur-ocious images show the moment two bears began scrapping over fishing rights.

Spotted splashing around in the river, the scary bears showed off their immense jaws as they squabbled for the best fishing location.

Bears Fight Over Fishing Rights

The two bears begin to grapple in the midst of the fast flowing river

After noticing that one of the bears was catching a steady flow of fish, another hungry beast was seen wondering over into the river, keen to get a piece of the action.

But it wasn’t long before the intruder began to step on the claws of the carnivore and the two engaged in a vicious dispute.

Bears Fight Over Fishing Rights

You’re making me bear-y angry: The two bears begin to claw at each other

Luckily, neither bears were seriously injured and after a grizzly grapple, the newcomer moved on in search of his own fishing spot.

Bears Fight Over Fishing Rights

The bears show the ferocious jaws as they squabble for the best fishing location

Taken by Russian wildlife photographer, Elizaveta Tischenko, in Katmai Natural Park, the teenager watched the drama unfold from raised grassy verge.

Bears Fight Over Fishing Rights

The incredible images were taken by 15-year-old photographer, Elizaveta Tischenko, from the safety of a raised grassy verge

Elizaveta said: “I had been watching the bear fish from a safe distance when I noticed another bear wonder into shot.

“The first bear was not happy about the other bear being there and began to get more agitated as it began to try to catch fish in the water.

“It wasn’t long before the two approached one another and began roaring ferociously to try and scare each other away.

“Neither one would back down for quite a while and they began to grapple with each other in the water.

“Eventually, the new bear on the scene decided to cut its loses and sulked off out of sight.

“When they are fishing they look quite cute and innocent but when they fight you get to see the true nature of the animals.”