Young dog remembers old tricks: Sassy pooch shuts-up snivelling baby by delivering old teething toy

A sassy pooch shuts up a snivelling baby by miraculously delivering an old teething toy.

At home in Melbourne, Australia, little baby Lottie is throwing a temper tantrum, much to the dismay of one of the Bannan family.

Sauntering into the room with a sassy wagging of the tale, the two-year-old English Cocker Spaniel, Lady, has a very special trick to silence her sniveling sister.

Clenched between her jaws, the clever cocker brings over Lottie’s old teething toy, showcasing an incredible memory, as the toy once helped to stem the nine-month-old’s flow of tears.

Amazingly, this young dog certainly remembered an old trick: Lottie suddenly falls silent as the toy is placed before her; Lady exits the room with a satisfied strut.

Mum Charlotte Bannan, who looked on in disbelief, said: “When Charlotte was really young, she had terrible colic and the gingerbread man was her favourite toy.

“Even when she was teething, the ginger bread man brought her comfort.

“Lady loves Charlotte, just not when she cries, she’s always burying her head in the cushions to try and stifle the screams.

“Lottie was having a particularly irritable day, I’d tried everything to try and sooth her, and Lady had just had enough.

“It just goes to show how clever dogs are – it’s almost as if she knew that the toy was the only thing that would cheer her up.

“It worked a treat, and Lottie was happy for the rest of the day.”