Winter surfers attract unusual spectators in the form of curious sealions

They’re known for their unrivalled skill in the water but it seems this group of sea lions were still keen to check out the competition.

Winter Surfers Attract Sea-lions

The surfers make their way through the water as the curious sea lions look on

Captured peering out of the water, the curious bunch were seen spying on a group of surfers as they carved through the waves.

Winter Surfers Attract Sea-lions

The unexpected spectators turned out to watch the surfers in action

The hilarious moment was caught on camera by Danish photographer, Birger Baastrup, 55, off the rocky coast of Shrine of St. Therese in Juneau, Alaska.

Winter Surfers Attract Sea-lions

Despite swimming near the surfers, the sea lions were careful not venture too close

After noticing the surfers braving near freezing conditions, Birger decided to use the opportunity to get some shots of the surfers in action.

Winter Surfers Attract Sea-lions

Danish photographer, Birger Baastrup, 55, took the images from the safety of the shoreline

But it was only when he’d zoomed in on his camera that he noticed the unlikely panel of spectators bobbing in the water.

Incredibly, the sea lions seemed to enjoy the show so much that they stayed nearly two hours but decided to keep their distance.

Birger said: “When I got there the surfers and sea lions were already there.

“The sea lions repeatedly stuck their heads or large part of their body out of the water to watch these surfers and what they were doing.

“I have observed surfers at this location many times before but never with this amount of sea lions and around and I’ve never seen them this curious.

“I think the surfers were trying to ignore the sea lions but we were also just careful that they did not come too close.

“The sea lions didn’t interact with the surfers from what I saw, they can get quite territorial so that could potentially not be a good thing.

“Here in Alaska we see a lot of wildlife, which is one of the reasons I love living here, so it’s not a surprise to see sea lions, however, these were extra special.”