Wildlife photographer gets covered in cockroaches for hours a day to capture stunning close ups of 80 bats

This bat-loving crazy wildlife photographer spent hours each day trapped with cockroaches crawling all over him to capture these stunning close-ups of 80 bats.

UK wildlife snapper Mark Fernley took the once in a lifetime shots whilst working in Tambopata, Peru.

Pic by Mark Fernley/Caters News

While deep in the Amazon Rainforest, Fernley was lucky enough to release the shutter button as the small fruit bats flew together towards the camera.

But the dream photos came as a price – he was forced to crawl inside a log through batfaeces and countless cockroaches to get the pics.

Mark said: “Each day I would gather my camera gear and make my way to the log and get inside, crawl through batfaeces and countless roaches.

Pic by Mark Fernley/Caters News

“I stop and set up a tripod and DSLR Body and manage to obtain a shot that will distort the batwings in such a way that it becomes overwhelming to the viewer.

“I would sit inside the log for up to six hours at a time as the numerous cockroaches surround my shoulders and back.

Pic by Mark Fernley/Caters News

“They would fly past or up to the fisheye lens and this is where it becomes tricky!

“I normally estimate where the bats would fly to, but estimating the focus distance without looking at any viewfinders or screens can be almost mission impossible at times.

Pic by Mark Fernley/Caters News

“Strangely I become more than comfortable with 80 or more bats flying around.

“The feeling of spending six hours in a rotten log full of bats and insects isn’t so bad as you think.”