Wildebeest gets in over his head!

Pic by Shayne McGuire/Caters News

This wildebeest was hoping to score a perfect ten off the board with this amazing dive.

Female wildlife photographer, Shayne McGuire, from San Dimas, California, caught the moment this humble animal turns himself into a slimline machine will diving into a river.

Taken in Massai Mara, Kenya, the wildebeest can be seen breaking away from the herd who often cross dangerous rivers during migration.

The single animal is the bravest of the bunch and dives straight in even though the waters can often be infested with crocodiles.

Pic by Shayne McGuire/Caters News

Shayne said: “The wildebeest is a young one, maybe a year old.  A group of the wildebeest in front of that young one had just gone in the water, the young one hesitated and started to back up, then saw there was a huge group of other wildebeest waiting to cross behind him.

“So giving it his best valiant effort, the wildebeest put forth the biggest jump it could muster up, he did a wonderful job of getting some
air time and clearing the shallow rocks, but he did botch the landing into the water.

“I actually thought, on the third shot where it is perfectly formed in a dive, that it would ace the entry into the water. But the fourth shot shows that something went wrong in the landing.

Pic by Shayne McGuire/Caters News

“I am thinking that because there are crocs in the water that instead of going deep into the water with the dive, the wildebeest wanted to pull up short and hit the water running.

“After the face plant it struggled for about two seconds and then hurriedly caught up with the group swimming in front of it. Safety
in numbers when crossing. It safely made it across and my whole tour group cheered for it.”