Wild laughter! Zebra shows off its toothy grin as it appears to have a hearty giggle

This is the moment a zebra appeared to burst out laughing at the camera.

With its eyes close, scrunched up nose and toothy grin on show, the zebra seems to be having a hearty giggle at Ryan Connell who was behind the camera.

The 41 year old, who works in I.T. Business Intelligence, was visiting Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve in his hometown of Durban, South Africa, when he spotted the comical critter grazing on some grass.


Ryan said: “I was walking along a footpath of a local nature reserve when I saw a herd of zebra ambling along and grazing in the lush grass.

“This particular zebra was lazily making its way closer towards me whilst grazing intermittently. I crouched down, raised my camera and was watching it for a few minutes.

“When it looked up, it stared directly at me for a few seconds before bursting into what appeared to be a massive silent laugh.

“This was really unexpected and I myself was laughing while firing off the camera. It just looked like a big, beaming, cheesy grin. It was hilarious to witness.

“After getting that shot, I knew I had captured something quite unique.


“I’ve had the chance to photograph many zebra over the years at this specific nature reserve as well as other private game reserves in Kwazulu-Natal.

“This particular photo is my definite favourite however due to the uniqueness of it.”

Since buying his first DSLR camera in 2013, Ryan has developed a passion for wildlife photography.

Being surrounded by nature and animals helps Ryan escape from life’s day-to-day stresses.

Ryan said: “For me it’s the combination of being around animals and nature which I love.

“It makes one completely forget about one’s day-to-day stresses and really soothes the soul.”