Why hello bear! Cub waves at ship full of tourists before playing up to the camera and sticking his tongue out

Ice, camera, action! This cute cub clearly knows a thing or two about crowd-pleasing, after giving stunned tourists a friendly wave before cheekily sticking his tongue out.

Mother Polar Bear and Cub

The adorable polar bear lifts up its paw as if to wave


The little celebrity was joined by his proud mum as he confidently struck a series of poses for thrilled photographers who could bear-ly believe their eyes.

Mother Polar Bear and Cub

Photographer, Sylvain Cordier, managed to get the catch the moment the cub played with its mother

French photographer, Sylvain Cordier, was aboard a boat at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Kaktovik, Alaska, when he captured the snowy snaps.

Mother Polar Bear and Cub

Seen from the side of a boat in Kaktovik, Alaska, the Frenchmen knew something fun might happen when he saw the pair making their way towards them

The 68-year-old, from Alsace, said he spotted the adorable duo walking towards the waters edge to greet them and knew something exciting was about to happen.

Mother Polar Bear and Cub

The loveable polar bears make their way across the ice curious to see what was happening

He said: “Both the mother and the cub were looking straight at us.

“Although you could tell his mother was quite protective of him, they were both very curious and it was great when the cub actually lifted a paw.

He was acting just like a human with his behavior and expressions. He was so cute.

“It can be quite difficult to capture pictures like this but it’s all about being ready and having luck on your side.”