When two camels become one: Animal appears to have freakishly long neck in optical illusion shot

You’d be forgiven for confusing this camel with a giraffe in this hilarious optical illusion photo.

David Greyo, 45, was in Oman to take pictures of the Wahiba Sands desert but spotted the opportunity to snap the camels and make two become one.

Pic by David Greyo/Caters News 

In his photo, one camel’s head is hidden behind an object while only the head of its pall can be seen, giving the impression it is one animal with a freakishly long neck.

David, from Switzerland, said: “The picture shows an optical effect of a camel drinking in a can while another is lying next door giving the feeling of a single animal with an excessively long neck.

“Camels are very present in Oman but it was a coincidence to spot this scene, I enjoyed taking the photograph as it made me laugh.”