What’s so funny? – Hyena caught on camera having a good laugh

Yaron Schmid / Caters News

What’s so funny? – This Hyena was caught on camera having a good laugh.

Yaron Schmid, 47, snapped the Hyena in Serengeti, Tanzania, whilst it enjoyed a dip in a small pond.

Yaron, a photographer from New York, USA, said: “I have always loved animals and travel, and as soon as I got a new camera, I self-taught myself how to use it and fell in love with photography.

Yaron Schmid / Caters News

“We saw the hyena and as we got closer looked like it was laughing.

“Eventually it got up, and the stench that came out of him was beyond words – and we made a joke that he was laughing at us as we didn’t anticipate that smell.”