Whatever floats your goat! Woman besotted with pet pygmy goat takes him for ‘walkies’ and out on dinner dates

A woman who has spent the last eight years living with a pygmy goat takes her unusual pet out for ‘walkies’ and even on posh dinner dates.

Aya Shinozuka adopted the goat, called Shiropen, when he was just over a month old and they have been sharing her modest home in Tokyo ever since.

The pair do everything together from dining out in restaurants to going on long walks – either with Shiropen on his lead just like a dog, or tucked up in his pram like a baby.

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Aya even washes her pet pygmy in the shower before blow drying his hair and dresses him up for special occasions such as Halloween and Christmas.

The 30-year-old adopted Shiropen when she was looking for a new pet following the death of her dog.

Over the years the pair have grown incredibly close and Aya even dons a goat mask every now to get into the mindset of her beloved pet.

Aya, an office worker, said: “Goats don’t look smart but they actually are.

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“They can learn just as many tricks as dogs and can communicate just as well.

“When I say ‘walkies’ he doesn’t get excited. He really doesn’t seem to want to go out.

“I don’t really force him but walks are important for his health.

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“I take him out when the weather is good, or rather, when he feels like it.

“I’d never paid much attention to goats, but after I got him I started buying goat related stuff.

28Lab/Caters News

“I had my mask imported from England. I put it on and enjoy pretending I’m a goat and imagining how a goat feels.”