What lies beneath! Stunning shark shots from all angles show beasts above and below the water

Pic by Steve Miller/Caters news 

These stunning pictures show sharks as you have never seen them before – both above and below the waterline.

Steven Miller, 56,  photographer from Cincinnati, Ohio went above and beyond to capture spectacular pictures of sharks in Yap, Micronesia at Manta Ray Bay Dive Resort.

Steven, who runs a photo school, snapped the fierce beasts from all angles with unique photos above and below the water’s surface.

Pic by Steve Miller/Caters news 

Steven said: “I was asked to do a workshop on underwater photography here specifically on shooting split shots.

“It was a bit fatiguing, but this shoot and these shots have been a dream of mine since the first time I saw one.

Pic by Steve Miller/Caters news 

“I have always loved over/unders and having a coloured up sunset in the same image as a shark combines two very different feelings in the same instant, I find them compelling.

Underwater photography is full of missed shots, and this shoot in particular is hard because you aren’t looking through the lens.

“Mainly when reviewing them I was looking for the eye contact on the shark at the same time that the water line is in the middle of the dome- to show the sunset.”