What an awesome shellfie! Photographer captures moment turtle appears to take a selfie

A PHOTOGRAPHER has captured the moment a turtle appears to have taken a selfie.

Nick Polanszky took the image off the coast of Caribbean island Bonaire at the beginning of this year.

Pic by Nick Polanszky/Caters News

The 31-year-old said taking pictures at the top diving location had been on his “bucket list for years”.

Nick said: “Bonaire has been on my bucket list for a long time now as it rated as one of the top shore diving locations in the world. So I packed my scuba gear, camera and ventured over.

“This would be my favourite capture, not only because of the final image, but the interaction we had.

“It was only me and my buddy on the dive site and the fact the turtle swam over to us and was fascinated by his reflection was a very enjoyable experience, a couple times he tried biting the camera out of curiosity.

Pic by Nick Polanszky/Caters News

“I never distress marine life and was swimming back away from him to make sure there was no distress.

“But he kept swimming up to it and wanting to play so I just let him do his thing. I feel grateful, that there is still so much natural beauty in this world that is free and untouched.

“That we don’t need to go to zoos or aquariums to experience interaction with such amazing creatures, and the experience is all so much better.”