What a hoot! Photographer captures hilarious snap of bewildered deer with a owl-shaped posterior

Pic by Paul Taylor/Caters News

This bewildered deer was left feeling like a right twit (twoo) when it was snapped with an owl-shaped posterior.

The hilarious shots show the stag turning to face photographer, Paul Taylor, with some extraordinary markings on his backside – which remarkably look just like an owl.

The 51-year-old, from Bewerley, North Yorkshire, was visiting Studley Royal Deer Park with his brother.

The pair were hoping to catch a good deer rutting picture opportunity when they spotted the unusual looking Sika deer.

He said: “This is my favourite capture due to the posture of the stag and the markings on its rear end.

Pic by Paul Taylor/Caters News

“It almost seems to be conscious of it and one could be forgiven for feeling that it is irritated that I have taken a photograph of something which it finds embarrassing.

“This is one of those moments which reveals the wonder of nature.

“You may have seen a hundred deer before but their markings make them all unique.

“I feel lucky to have access to such a wonderful range of wildlife, living as I do in Nidderdale, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”