What a hoot! Owlet trio appear to suffer from stage fright in ‘audition’ snaps


This trio of song birds looks like they’ve taken to the stage and are suffering from a touch of stage fright.

The wide-eyed owlets were captured with their beaks open and with startled looks on their faces – as if they’re hoping to wow the judges on Britain’s Got Talon-t.

Shane Keena braved the sweltering heat in Salton Sea, California, this summer to enjoy the 30-minute routine by the tiny owlets.

Shane Keena/Mercury Press

The Californian professor, who has been a photographer for a decade, said: “Once the owlets got comfortable with my presence they acted like the charismatic little ones they were – bouncing around, bobbing up and down and hopping around their burrow.

“They would scurry in and out of their burrow, stare at me and then go back to their playful routine.

“I was absolutely thrilled at the engagement they had with me.”

Shane Keena/Mercury Press

The professor started photographing the burrowing owls a year ago, visiting them once a month.

The 46 year old said the owls, which he believes are approximately five weeks old, were some of the most fascinating subjects he’s ever captured.

Shane said: “I first spotted the parents outside the burrow and set up. Much to my surprise, these very young owlets emerged and proceeded to be some of the most charismatic subjects I’ve ever photographed.”