Whale you come and play with us? Rescued beluga whales give their trainers the run around

This is the hilarious moment a group of rescued beluga whales were seen giving their trainers the run around.

Beluga Whale Dance

The beautiful beluga whale captured playing with its trainer

The playful creatures were clearly in the mood for mischief as they squirted water into the faces of their careers.

Beluga Whale Dance

The loving creatures were seen playing affectionately with their carers

After splashing in the water during feeding time, the curious looking creatures are seen bursting out of the water only plant a kiss on the head of one of their trainers.

Beluga Whale Dance

Photographed at the Primorskiy Sea Mammal Research Centre in Vladivostock, Russia, this cheeky beluga was spotted landing a kiss on the cheek of its trainer

The striking sea creatures were rescued by the Primorskiy Sea Mammal Research Centre in Vladivostock, after they were found either injured or orphaned in the wild.

Beluga Whale Dance

The playful creatures are seen squirting water into the air

Known for their friendly nature, the belugas have developed an incredible bond with their careers as displayed in these heart-warming images by Russian photographer, Youri Smityuk, 26.

Located in Paris Bay on the south east coast of Russia, the belugas live in an enclosure that uses the same waters as their natural habitat.

Rarely seen in the wild, the striking photographs show a lighter side to the mysterious white animals.

Youri said: “These animals really are this friendly, I was surprised at how strong the bond was between the whales and trainers/

“The trainers even told me that at times, it is the animals that try to get their attention, not the other way around.

“They are trying to help preserve sea life at the centre, their research with help protect the species in the years to come.

“Many of the animals were rescued after being found injured, sick or in some cases taken in after their mothers were found dead.

“These animals are very talkative and can be pretty loud, they even have the nickname ‘sea canary birds’ because they ‘talk’ so much.

“It was heart-warming to watch the animals playing with so much energy, they are extremely intelligent creatures.

“There is much to learn about these animals as they still quite mysterious but it was an amazing experience to be able to get so close to them.”