Whale watchers get front row seat as two 40-ton whales explode out of the water to feed right next to their boat

These lucky whale watchers got a front row seat as two 40-tonne whales exploded out of the water to feed right next to their boat.

The huge whales made a big splash as they surfaced in front of stunned tourists at Monterey Bay, California – with the perspective of the images making it look like the mammals could be close to capsizing the vessel.

PIC FROM Jodi Frediani/Caters News

The catamaran was stationary and around 100 yards from the group of lunge-feeding marine mammals when two hungry whales, intent on following the fish, suddenly appeared at the rear of the boat.

Photographer, Jodi Frediani, was aboard Monterey Bay WhaleWatch vessel, the Sea Wolf II, when she snapped the incredible scene.

She said: “Finding whales in dense fog is always a good trick. But finding lunge-feeding whales is a super treat.

“So it’s no surprise several whale watch boats gathered around to watch the amazing spectacle of 40-ton animals exploding through the surface of the water, head first, mouths full of water and fish.

“The large group of whales zig-zagged this way and that, lunging through the surface first here, diving back down, then coming up 30 yards that way.

“So the boats just sat in neutral, a hundred yards from most of the action. But the whales weren’t following rules, they were following fish.

“Suddenly two whales surfaced right at the rear of one of the boats, making a huge splash as they broke the water.

PIC FROM Jodi Frediani/Caters News

“Lucky whale watchers got a front row seat but of course, the whales weren’t quite as close as they look.

“A long, telephoto lens condensed the view, making it look as if these whales might crash into the boat.

“But the whales are smart, and in this instance, the people didn’t even get wet.”