We’re the mane focus! Lion siblings squeeze brother out of shot

These lions clearly believe that two’s company, three’s a crowd after being spotted squeezing their unfortunate brother out of shot.

The sleepy trio had just woken up from a nap and were nuzzling one another, a form of bonding similar to the actions of domestic cats, leaving one of the big cats obscured from view.

PIC BY: George Turner/Mercury Press

Professional photographer George Turner captured the amusing scene in Maasai Mara, Kenya on September 1.

George from Winchester, Hampshire, said: “I was using a special photographic vehicle that Asilia Africa have just launched.

“This meant I was able to lie flat in the back of the Land Cruiser with nothing between myself and the lions.

“At their closest point they were no more than three metres away, though I was perfectly safe.

“It was very comical seeing one lion being squashed in the middle.

PIC BY: George Turner/Mercury Press

“The three brothers had just awoken from a nap and were ‘nuzzling’, a form of bonding – similar to how a domestic house cat will rub on a person.”

The 28 year old was visiting Kenya to capture the Great Migration.

George said: “The second they turned and walked towards me, I already knew I’d got the exact image I wanted.”