Well that certainly ruffled their feathers! Ostriches square up in dramatic battle over female admirer

These boisterous boys were left with their feathers well and truly ruffled after squaring up to each other in a bid to impress a female admirer.

The two ostriches were captured with their chests puffed and feathers splayed as they fought it out at a waterhole on the western side of Etosha National Park, Namibia.

PIC FROM Anja Denker / Caters News

The ferocious battle was spotted by photographer Anja Denker.

The 50-year-old, from Windhoek in Namibia, said: “A male ostrichand female were busy courting and displaying their courtship rituals.

PIC FROM Anja Denker / Caters News

“Another male was busy watching all this and tried to muscle in on the action.

“The first male did not like this at all and charged the other male, chest puffed up and in full battle mode.

“The two squared it off and had a go at each other, feathers ruffled and displaying an awesome dance with dust and sand flying.

PIC FROM Anja Denker / Caters News

“Eventually one male decided he had had enough and fled, with the other in hot pursuit for a while.

“It was great watching this action and very interesting to see.

“I’ve never seen such behaviour before and I enjoyed the interaction and entertainment it provided.”