Wave of plastic – Endangered baby turtles rescued in ocean after becoming tangled

A group of endangered baby turtles have been rescued after becoming tangled in plastic.

The critically endangered hawksbills turtles were filmed in Roatán, Honduras, before they were rescued in October 2018.

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Photographer Caroline Power filmed the footage which shows the sea full of plastic after her last video of the damage it’s having on the environment went viral in 2017.

Caroline, who lives in Roatán, added: “Ocean rubbish is a problem facing every coast, sea, and ocean. positive things happened.

“The last announcement rolled it back from all single use plastics to bags and straws but this is a start.

“The focus should be all the rubbish that continues to enter our oceans that leads to the formation of these trash patches-the one here is tiny compared to the ones in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 

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“There are so many factors that have to be just right for them to form-it tends to happen after large rains in Central America 

“Plastic bags, bottles, and heavier plastics sink just below the surface-as for the source of the trash, some of the main sources are rivers on the mainland of Honduras and Guatemala but the rest could come from anywhere. 

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Caroline states that although a large amount of the rubbish in her region comes out of the Motagua River and other rivers in Guatemala and Honduras, they are not the only source.

She said: “Every person in every country is responsible for our global trash crisis- by placing blame on other countries or other nationalities, it reduces culpability and ultimately the desire to reduce one’s plastic use. 

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“Everyone needs to be encourage to cut out plastics whenever possible-there have been movements by some companies to move to easier to recycle packaging which is great.

“We need to switch away from single use plastics all together, not just improve the ones we have.”