Watch your step! Flamingo appears to use small birds as stepping stones to glide across water

Qaderi Sami / Caters News

This flamingo appears to not be getting its feet wet – as it seems to be using smaller birds as its walking platform.

The elegant water bird can usually be seen gliding across the water, or standing one-legged in the shallows.

Qaderi Sami / Caters News

However in this instance, the flamingo appears to be using three smaller birds as stepping stones as to not get its feet wet.

These photographs were taken at the Alqudra Lakes in Dubai by Qaderi Sami.

Qaderi, 51, said: “The image was captured as I was monitoring the take offs and landings of flamingos in the Alqudra Lakes.

Qaderi Sami / Caters News

“This is one of the largest manmade lakes that excist in the area.

“I had a hunch that the flamingo is stepping on the ducks at the time of shooting.”