Watch: The beautiful metamorphosis of a dragonfly in time-lapse video

This extraordinary video shows the beautiful metamorphosis of a dragonfly in exquisite detail.

The remarkable time-lapse footage shows the dragonfly breaking out of its larval skin as it transforms from a nymph to an adult.

Taken over a period of eight hours the clip, captured by Beauty of Science, was shot at Yan Liang’s home in Hefei City, China.

He said: “My daughter caught the nymph and we decided to feed it until it transformed into a dragonfly.

“We mainly fed it with tadpoles. The transformation started at around 11pm and ended around 7am the following day.

“There are not many films which captured the whole process close-up at home with good lighting.

“The egg hatches into the larva, also known as a nymph, which moults up to 15 times before emerging as an adult.

“Unlike most other insects, there is no pupal stage and the transition from larva to adult is known as incomplete metamorphosis.”