Watch out, theres a zebra crossing! Zebra swamped by gnus in river

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News

This zebra managed to survive an extremely busy crossing.

The animal was trying to reach the opposite bank of the Mara river in a crowd of hundreds of gnus.

With the crossing already a difficult task, the zebra ran the real danger of being trampled underfoot by the mass of horned beasts.

Dramatic pictures show the zebra almost swamped by the other animals as it struggles and swerves to reach the bank of the Serena Crossing Point.

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News 

Eventually it manages to use the gnus as stepping stones as it hauls itself up onto dry land, before calming pausing on a rock after the ordeal.

The zebra‘s battle was captured on camera by German photographer Ingo Gerlach, 64, in the Kenyan Masai Mara.

Ingo said: “I wanted to photograph the spectacular river crossings, as almost 1.7 million animals migrate across the African savannah.

“As I was travelling along the river I got a radio message that thousands of gnus and several zebras were gathering at the Serena Crossing Point.

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News

“The whole area was completely covered with animals.

“The river was very quick at this point, and the animals were nervous about entering the water. But eventually the mass of animals pushing towards the crossing forced them in.

“There was a very steep bank up on the other side with only a few rocks to help them climb out, but these got even more slippery and wet with increasing numbers of animals.

“The gnus made life very difficult for the zebras.

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News 

“These intelligent animals could only get through the huge numbers of gnus with great difficulty, and they were consistently slipping from the rocks.

“However, they were just about able to save themselves and make it across to the other side.”