Wallop! Bear gets slapped in face by fish in hilariously-timed snap

These hilarious pictures show the moment a hungry bear gets his comeuppance as a fish slaps him smack bang in the face.

The brilliantly timed photos were captured by Taylor Albright, at Brook Falls in Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska.

Taylor Albright / Caters News

Taylor said he was watching the bear trying to catch Salmon as they were jumping up the falls on their way to spawn, when without warning on of the fish exploded out of the water from the bear’s blind side.

Taylor explained: “At the last moment, the salmon, now high in the air, was spotted and the bear quickly twisted his head, turning sharply trying to grab the salmon midair, but it was too late; smack, the salmon landed right on his face!

Frantic, yet determined, Taylor said that the bear flipped the salmon back into the air, awkwardly pitching his head straight up, almost losing his balance.

Taylor Albright / Caters News

He continued: “Unfortunately the bear knocked the salmon away, back into the water to continue the journey up stream.

“After it happened I definitely laughed as I replayed the scene over and over in my head.”