Very cheeky! – greedy giraffe looks like it’s stuffing its face

This giraffe is very CHEEKY – pulling faces at the camera with stuffed cheeks.

The greedy-looking animal appeared to be stuffing its face as it puffed its cheeks out.

Self-taught photographer Chris Tarry, originally from Doncaster, was amazed to see the giraffe ‘having a laugh’ with him by contorting his face.


He came across the comedic animal on the Timbavati route in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Chris, 47, said: “I like to take action photographs of nature that tell a story with one shot, and these photos of the giraffe were really fun shots and made me laugh.

“It was late morning and we had already seen a lion and spent a lot of time with a pack of wild dogs.

“He was just stood there in the middle of the road pulling this face, as if he was watching me and having a laugh.

“It was like a kid pulling faces at a monkey in a zoo, except this time the animal was pulling faces at me.”