Unlikely best friends are the most chilled out pets on Instagram!

Pic by Annie Jacob/Caters News 

An adorable cat and dog pairing have stolen heart hearts of thousands with their natural love for one another.

Handsome six-year-old Paddington the Shar-pei and his fluffy feline friend Butler, three, are the pride and joy of Annie Jacob.

Since Annie started sharing photos and videos of her pets relaxing into each other’s paws she has gained 92,000 followers on her Instagram account, @anniepaddington.

Annie said: “I think it’s their effortless friendship which has made them so popular

Pic by Annie Jacob/Caters News 

“I’d have to say it’s the way they make people feel.

“Often we have friends tagging each other in a post commenting how it reminds them of moment in time or a situation.

“We may receive a message from time to time from someone saying that they’ve had a bad day but Paddington & Butler make them feel a little better.”

Pic by Annie Jacob/Caters News

These heart-warming photos show the peaceful and often amusing bond that lovable Paddington and Butler share.

Annie from Tasmania, Australia who shares arty shots of them to thousands of followers also owns two more cats called Sailor the British blue and London the Scottish.

Annie said: “Paddington came from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and Butler came from a less fortunate situation on a farm in Tasmania.

Pic by Annie Jacob/Caters News

“Their favourite thing to do together is sitting by the window and watching the world go by.

“The photo I have of them was actually the first time I ever found them on the bed looking out the window and was lucky enough to have my camera handy.

Pic by Annie Jacob/Caters News 

“Paddington has fine hair and is often cold so was wearing one of his many onesies I have for him.

“On this particular occasion was a dinosaur onesie and Butler this tiny little kitten was sitting next to him and there they sat for a least an hour side by side, watching the world go by together.”