Under Cats! Photographer’s Adorable And Mesmerising Photos Showing Cats As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Cats are well-known for being able to squeeze into even the tiniest of spots – but you’ve probably never seen them quite like this before!

In his adorable yet mesmerising series of images, photographer Andrius Burba takes a look at all kinds of furry and fantastic moggies – from underneath.

Pic by Underlook/Caters News Agency

From furry fluffballs to hairless kitties, felines from all corners of the globe make up the creative photographer’s latest project.

Andrius, from Lithuania, created a technique whereby his camera is hidden in a Perspex box, that the cats are encouraged to walk across – resulting in some truly wonderful captures.

Some with bellies squashed up against the Perspex, and others attempting to get through the plastic and investigate the camera – they’re all guaranteed to make you say ‘Ahhh’.

Andrius said: “I feel that this way of photography is under-explored.

Pic by Underlook/Caters News Agency

Pic by Underlook/Caters News Agency

“I went to cat shows in so many places to find just the right models, the best looking cats I had ever seen.

“I set up a studio, put a cat on glass table and see at first how the cat reacts naturally. If I see that the cat is feeling uncomfortable but is curious and moves I try to give her snacks to attract attention. I try to get her posing.”

If the cat feels uncomfortable and just sits I try move her with my hands and if that doesn’t help I stop the shooting because it is never about us it is about the animal.

Pic by Underlook/Caters News Agency

Pic by Underlook/Caters News Agency

“Of course, cats can be problematic to photograph – they have their own personalities.

“There are cats that can be easily photographed and are the perfect models and some just won’t move or look down. They are very individual and cannot be judged until I get to try.”