UN-BILL-IEVABLE! – Photographer snaps breathtaking underwater shots of pelicans diving for fish

This photographer’s shots really are un-BILL-ievable as he manages to capture the exact moments pelicans dive for their fish.

Committed snapped Simone Caprodossi took more than 1,000 images in order to capture the unique set, in Magdalena Bay, Mexico.

Pic by Simone Caprodossi / Caters News

They show in crisp detail the birds underneath the water, bubbles all around as they strike for their lunch.

The idea came to Dubai-based photographer Simone, 43, while he was returning from exploring offshore sharks with a friend.

Pic by Simone Caprodossi / Caters News

Having noticed how pelicans would flock to fishing boats, searching for scraps, he and his friend tossed tossed their remaining small fish to a bait shark – only to be swamped by the pelicans themselves.

Positioning his camera off the side of the boat, Simone threw in the occasional fish, moderating the crazy action, doing so over two days.

Pic by Simone Caprodossi / Caters News

Having captured hundreds of images that were simply frenzies amidst bubbles and flailing limbs, the photograph said that between 10 and 15 of the images were actually usable.

After shooting the images in 2015, Simone has seen his images – particularly one shot – receive acclaim from numerous photography organizations – including Underwater Photographer of the Year, in 2017, and, most recently, at Festisub, in 2018.

Pic by Simone Caprodossi / Caters News

Simon said: “Reviewing the images, I knew we had a true opportunity for something special, so we decided to abandon whale watching that was planned the next morning and go back to the pelicans instead with the brighter morning light.

“This time we had more experience, positioned the boat to have best light and managed to get a number of images that i am really happy with.

Pic by Simone Caprodossi / Caters News

“The one image – of the pelican in action, catching fish – received a lot of attention.

“I was thrilled to manage at least one image with a clean crisp portrait of the pelican in full action with the pouch stretched out. I had never seen one like it.

“Also, it was mating season and the brown pelican males are much more colorful, increasing the impact.”