Un-bear-lievably cute – Brown bear cubs enjoy quick kiss on riverbank 

How UN-BEAR-LIEVABLY cute – these adorable brown bear cubs enjoyed a quick kiss on the riverbank.

Nathaniel Smalley, 40, was leading a group on an Alaskan photo safari when he stumbled across a pair of bear cubs affectionately interacting with one another on the riverbank.

Pic by Nathaniel Smalley/Caters News

Their mother was in the nearby water fishing for salmon at the Lake Clark National Park, whilst the two brown bear cubs were left to entertain themselves as they waited for their next meal.

Nathaniel watched on as one cub approached the other and began to lick its face, before the moment ended with the two bear cubs nose to nose, gently enjoying a kiss.

Pic by Nathaniel Smalley/Caters News

Nathaniel, from Pheonix, Arizona, said: “Witnessing animal behaviour in the wild is a privilege and I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience this on a regular basis.

“Watching them play and interact with each other is always entertaining.

“Especially when it involves baby animals, it always produces tender results.”