Ultra-rare Puppy Dubbed ‘world’s Most Beautiful Dog’ Given Up To Stunned Adoption Centre Staff

An ultra-rare puppy dubbed ‘the world’s most beautiful dog’ has been given up to stunned adoption centre staff.

The 10-week-old pooch, now known as Tahani, stunned workers at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (MSPCA) adoption centre, in Boston, USA, due to her piercing blue eyes and rare chocolate brown policy.


Tahani, a Pomsky – a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian – came to the centre last month [March 27] with a suspected broken leg which volunteers believe she broke while playing with her mum and siblings.

Puppies of the breed can reportedly cost up to £3,800 and the breeder had intended to sell the puppy but due to her injury it was decided that she would be put up for adoption for free.

Anna Rafferty-Foré, associate director of the MSPCA’s Boston adoption centre, said: “Our shelter veterinarians administered pain medicine while awaiting results of the x-rays, which confirmed the fracture.


“We’re also re-bandaging her leg every week or so, which will allow us to gauge how quickly she’s healing.”

Tahani will need to wear a splint for the next four weeks, and is currently being fostered by the adoption centre’s manager.

After that, it is hopeful she will find a loving home soon.


Victoria Odynsky, the adoption centre manager who is caring for Tahani, said: “Taking her home was an easy decision because she’s so adorable, and because we felt recuperating in a quiet home instead of a noisy adoption center could only help with her healing.”