Udderly adorable! Meet the miniature cows which grow to just 35 inches tall – and could be your newest pet 

THESE udderly adorable miniature cows are fully grown standing at just 35 inches tall and weighing less than a quarter of the average bull.

The cattle have been specially bred by Dustin Pillard and his family for people to take home and keep as pets in their homes.


That means where an average cow can stand at more than six feet tall Dustin’s animals are just 35 inches high.

It also means that they weigh just under 400 pounds – whereas a normal bull can hit more than 2,000 pounds.

Raised on a farm in Iowa the cattle are mostly bought as pets by people across the US where they grow to be the same size as domestic dogs.

Dad-of-three Dustin, 46 – who has owned miniature cows for 25 years, said: “In general they are kept as pasture pets for people who want something easy to take care of.

“Many of them have personalities like a dog. They love treats and enjoy being outside.


“They run around like a dog, they like people and are calm and socialable. They also love attention.

“It is hard not to fall in love with a little mini calf that barely comes up to your knees.

“As a kid I was a city kid but my grandparents had a farm which we visited regularly.

“So I had been around cattle for my whole life.

“I went to an auction with a friend from college and saw miniature cattle. I thought to myself ‘I have to have one’.


“That was in 1992. I ended up with 10 acres of land in 1995. I bought five and it went from there.

“It was our goal to get them smaller and smaller through selective breeding.

“It has taken us a long time to get here.

“They are completely healthy – there are no health issues – they are just small.”