Turtley awesome shelfie! Diver captures hilarious underwater selfie

A group of intrepid scuba divers managed to take a hilarious selfie with a turtle.

Snapped by Gabriel Guzman, 33, the photo shows the Chilean diver and photographer with his diving buddy – and a turtle.

Pic by Gabriel Guzman/Caters News

Gabriel was able to find the aquatic reptile in Saxon Reef, an area of the Great Barrier Reef which is well known for its turtle populations.

Gabriel said: “My intention with my photography is simple, to show the beauty of the ocean, the marine life, and the fragile underwater ecosystem.

Pic by Gabriel Guzman/Caters News

“Plastic, straws, pollution, global warming and coral bleaching are one of the most popular topics nowadays.

“Despite the pessimism, I try to stay positive and show to the world that there’s still hope, and many places on earth remains stunningly beautiful, being the main reason we need to fight for it.”