Totem Owls – Pair Of Owls Appear As Totem Pole While Mating

A pair of owls have caused a stir after appearing as a totem pole while mating.

Photographer, Jose Luis Ruiz Jimenez, 44, witnessed the action while visiting a Spanish village called Calera y Chozas on March 15.

*Mandatory Byline** Pic by @joluruizjimen/Caters News

The owls – which are known as little owls – can be seen standing on top of each other which causes them to reassemble a totem pole.

But in reality, it was breeding season and the owls were in fact mating.

*Mandatory Byline** Pic by @joluruizjimen/Caters News

Jose, a chemist, said: “I think they do look like a totem pole perched on top of each other.

“But they are standing on top of each other as it’s breeding season and in the following moments they began to copulate.

*Mandatory Byline** Pic by @joluruizjimen/Caters News

“I like photographing owls because they are very curious and complicated animals to photograph in conditions due to their nocturnal habits, although owlets are the diurnal owls living in Spain.”