Totally and otterly in love: Adorable footage of endangered sea otter snuggling its pup

This mother and pup are otterly in love – as they float down a river.

Adorable Otter Pup and Mum

The mother otter swimming with its baby on its tummy

The young sea otter was filmed lying on its mum’s belly as the pair floated down a river.

Adorable Otter Pup and Mum

Captured in California, the lovable pair were spotted snuggling up together

The heartwarming moment was captured by Geraldine Davies while on a sailing dingy in Monterey, California.

Adorable Otter Pup and Mum

The heart warming moment was seen by UK photographer, Geraldine Davies, whilst sailing on her dingy

Geraldine, 53, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, said, “I live on a sail boat with my husband and we were out in Monterey Harbour on our dingy when we came across this mother and her pup resting under the boardwalk.

“We watched her every day for about three weeks and eventually she was quite comfortable with us being so close.”

Adorable Otter Pup and Mum

The cute little otters waving for the camera


The rare footage of the endangered seat otters shows the mum affectionately washing and cuddling her pup.

As sea otters have been hunted for their fur in the past, their numbers have rapidly decreased, now resulting in their status as an endangered species.

Geraldine added, “It was a very special experience, especially as she had a pup.”