Total wipeout – Tigress slaps down rival at watering hole

Pic by Aditya Singh/Caters News

These two tigresses got into a real cat fight.

The territorial predators stumbled upon a precious watering hole at exactly the same time.

After sizing each other up, they decided there was only room for one queen.

In a short, ferocious battle, on the outskirts of Ranthambhore National Park in northern India, one of the snarling tigresses manages to slap down the other.

Pic by Aditya Singh/Caters News 

Defeated, her rival bears her teeth one more time before retreating.

The pictures were taken by Indian photographer Aditya Singh on May 13.

The 50-year-old said: “Ranthambore is a dry forest, where water is in short supply in April, May and June.

“Water holes within this wilderness area are very precious during these months.

Pic by Aditya Singh/Caters News 

Tigers are strongly territorial and they defend their territories very aggressively.

“There is a set of nice rocky waterholes at the border of the territories of two sets of wild tigermothers, both of whom have three cubs each.

“Both the tigresses reached this waterhole at the same time, with their cubs in tow.

“When they saw each other, the cubs ran away to hide, while the two tigresses charged at each other.

Pic by Aditya Singh/Caters News

“After a fight that barely lasted a few seconds, one of the tigresses decided to run away from the fight, leaving the water hole to the winner.

“Only a handful of people have seen female tigers aggressively fight it out in the wild.”