Toddler’s delight as giraffes stoop into Jeep to swipe food

These greedy giraffes really stuck their necks out to pinch food from the back of a safari Jeep – to a toddler’s sheer delight.

Three-year-old James Musser was ecstatic when a tower of five giraffes pushed their way into the vehicle with heads almost as big as him to steal food.


As the friendly giants stooped under the roof James happily handed them leaves to munch on and was close enough to reach out and touch them.

The sweet moment James shared with the giraffes was captured on camera by his mum Kelly Musser, 29, at Louisiana’s Global Wildlife Center.

She booked a private tour of the wildlife preserve with her family, including James and her four-month-old daughter Millie, in April.

Kelly, an artist and photographer from Mandeville in Louisiana, said: “It was a surreal seeing the giraffes so close to us, but when they started reaching inside we couldn’t believe it

“My son was happier than ever and my husband and I were just as excited as James.


“The giraffes were all over the place. At one point we had four or five heads in the vehicle at once.

“I looked down and one of their heads was inside my daughter’s car seat looking for food with its tongue out. Their tongues are massive.


“We had to hold out their food in front of it to move its head. Amazingly my daughter was asleep.


“I was very excited when I looked back at the images I’d managed to capture.”